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dbcredibilitycorpUS Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest and most trusted third party registration firm that has a Dun & Bradstreet Platinum Creditability Status.

US Federal Contractor Registration has registered over 63,000 businesses for government contracts and done so with sterling reviews from not only business owners but federal agencies like the US Army, Department of the Navy, Veteran Affairs Office and the Department of Agriculture.

US Federal Contractor Registration has been featured in nation-wide release publications such Washington Post, FOX News and the Washington Business Journal. Some of US Federal Contractor Registration’s clients include HP, Heinz, McGraw Hill, Marriott, Coldwell Banker, Wells Fargo, Embassy Suites, GARDA, Xerox, Hard Rock, GoodWill, and CITI.

navalairsystems“Now that the DoD is improving more opportunities for small business contractors with CLS, now is the time to register your business in SAM using US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR). As a procurement officer representing a division of the DoD I fully endorse and encourage businesses to have USFCR properly register their business in SAM. I have recommended numerous businesses to use USFCR in order to become properly registered and accept the bids that I have available.The best thing about USFCR is that not only, do they register businesses in SAM, but they also provide marketing programs, like creating a business’s government-formatted website. These websites that USFCR builds, make it easier for us to find federal buyers that are properly registered. It is part of our process in the Naval supply center to make sure they are registered in SAM in order to be approved for these contracts. USFCR has always sent me great contractors to me and I will always recommend their valuable SAM registration service.” – Rob Petyo, MH-60R/S Weapon System Manager of NAVAIR (Procurement Officer for DoD)

usda“I now know why so many businesses have used US Federal Contractor Registration to register their business in System for Award Management (SAM). US Federal Contractor Registration has done a great job handling my federal registration so far and I am currently waiting for my registration to be completed. I would definitely recommend any business or any federal official to use US Federal Contractor Registration for government contracting assistance. I’m glad I did. As a government official, I cannot believe the government makes it this hard for business owners to become registered, thank god I found US Federal Contractor Registration.” – Patricia Griffith, Information Technology Chief of the Grading and Verification Division (GVD) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking, Inc. renewed its SAM Registration with US Federal Contractor Registration in the middle of September 2015, just a few days before the due date of a bid it wanted to make. It had forgotten about renewing its SAM Registration and, rather than attempt to do it on its own, worked with Case Manager John Lynch to do it. Two weeks later, Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking, Inc. had been awarded a $96,800 contract.

“We had done the project before, so we wanted the chance to do it again. John was very helpful, and we’re glad it worked out like this.” – Leesa Misterly, Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking

Eamon Chase signed up with US Federal Contractor Registration at the end of August 2015. Within three weeks, it had been awarded an $86,000 contract and was in the running for a second contract. Here’s what its owner, Brett Sanborn, had to say:

“Thanks to Marianne Swager and everyone at US Federal Contractor Registration, I was awarded an $86,000 contract three weeks after they completed my SAM Registration. I can’t thank them enough for helping me start this chapter of my life. Disabled veterans don’t always get the same job and employment opportunities as other people,” he says. “It’s an incredible opportunity for people who can’t find traditional work, and it helps give veterans the chance to earn a livelihood.” – Brett Sanborn, Eamon Chase, Inc.

macmadeeasyMac Made Easy, Inc. (MME) signed-up with US Federal Contractor Registration/GovKinex at the end of January 2014. With the help of US Federal Contractor Registration we were registered with SAM, had our DUNS number, government website was complete and Dynamic Small Business Search completed by March 7th, 2014. The quality support, experience and expertise provided by GovKinex during our registration process was key in our ability to quickly begin competing for government opportunities.

Since March 4th, 2014 MME has been working hard, learning how to compete in the Federal, State and Local government market. Throughout the intervening months we have isolated and submitted bids on almost 100 government opportunities, unsuccessfully. US Federal Contractor Registration’s expert staff answered questions and updated our various profiles and website during this difficult and trying period. Spending month after month bidding with no success was discouraging but time and time again US Federal Contractor Registration encouraged and provided ‘best practices’ which led to our first award.

On July 1st, MME received it’s first award from the city of Los Angeles, California for the purchase of iPad devices Apple computers and accessories. This small award is only the beginning and already US Federal Contractor Registration is helping us to document and establish records of our past performance. Now that we have our first award we are expecting many great things to come. – Ruben Andazola, Mac Made Easy, inc.

evrazKamron Nelson was assigned to work with us on our website, I can’t tell you when I’ve had a better experience with an outside contractor – Kamron was helpful and eager to please, listened carefully to what we needed and then implemented changes quickly and efficiently. Getting this website online was very easy thanks to his expertise! We now have a great site that we’re proud to share! – Melodie Ruse, Senior Manager of Communications, EVRAZ North America

mgtJohn is truly an expert in his field. From initial contact with John I was confident that I had found the assistance that I had been searching for. After only a few short meetings I was extremely impressed at John’s patience, knowledge and persistence at achieving my goals. His knowledge of contracting is extensive, introducing me to area’s of contracting that I had not even considered. He constantly goes above and beyond ensuring my decision to ask him personally for help in contracting was the right choice. I highly recommend that any business looking to win in contracting regardless of which agency ie. govt, private, personal etc. I recommend him whole heartedly. – Victoria Pridgen, Myriad Global Technologies

cdfiThe name John Wayne says it all, Honest and Straight Forward. John knows what it means to Persevere and Stay The Course. John is a Great Leader and the best Representative USFCR could have. Both USFCR and John Wayne are of the Highest Principle. We have referred many people and companies to USFCR because of the way John has always taken care of CDFI throughout the years, for this started day one and has never changed. John is very good a matching up companies and their needs as he has referred many to also CDFI better know as CDIFIRST. John has the professional experience and know how and he has provided these abilities to those he works with and in doing so he further provides the parties with a Successful Track Record as the outcome. John is self reliant as you find in one that owns their own company but is a Team Player all the way. John does not know what is means to give up or quit, but rather John has moved forward full steam ahead and has fully supported and helped those who come to him to organize and develop thriving businesses, starting with that first past performance. One of the best things I could say about John is that he is very passionate about his Family, His Calling and also Others. Thank You John Wayne. – Walter “WR” Presley, Chief and Director of CDFI and CDFI Companies

mgenterprisesJohn is truly an expert in his field. From the first time that I spoke with John I was confident that I had at last found the assistance that I had been searching for. After only a few short meetings I was once again on my way to achieving my goals. His knowledge of contracting is extensive, introducing me to area’s of contracting that I had not even considered. He constantly goes above and beyond ensuring my decision to ask him personally for help in contracting was the right choice. I highly recommend that any business looking to win in contracting regardless of which agency ie. govt, private, personal etc. Contact John Wayne – Michael Graham, MG Enterprise

nusilGood day. I wanted to take a moment, to extend my most sincere gratitude for the customer service provided by M. Julie Topping. Her service was everything that we could have hoped for: clear, well informed and prompt. Her support, especially in light of the oversight on the part of our organization, salvaged a critical transaction with our valued customer. We are very satisfied and wanted to ensure her supervisors were made aware of her stellar performance. – Sissy Ann Tschernoscha, Quality Systems / Regulatory Affairs Supervisor, NuSil Technology LLC

wilmadlabglassNot everyone goes out of their way as you’ve (Jessica Summers) done and it’s appreciated more than you can imagine. If there’s anything I can do for you in that way please let me know. – Susan Jakubowski, Sales, Marketing & Web Support, Wilmad-LabGlass (an SP Industries Company)

andersonindustrialcontractingInitially we had very limited knowledge in navigating the government registration process, set-aside programs and the overall government language. Not only did US Federal Contractor Registration help our business quickly become registered for government contracts but they also provided excellent support for questions and advice. They were able to breakdown the seemingly complex bureaucracy and talk me through the steps I needed to follow to have opportunities for government work. I would absolutely recommend US Federal Contractor Registration to another business seeking to get involved in government contracting. – Don Anderson, Vice President of Anderson Industrial Contracting.

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