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US Federal Contractor Registration is a third-party registration firm who charges to complete a Full Service System for Award Management (SAM) Registration. Our service includes a dedicated case manager to physically process the SAM paperwork on the client’s behalf. The Government offers free registration forms at, but SAM will not physically process the forms for a client. All fees paid to US Federal Contractor Registration are for the filing of government paperwork on a client’s behalf, saving the entity time and ensuring complete and accurate filings.

Why Register in SAM?

The United States Federal Government spent over $400 Billion during the 2014 fiscal year. Legislation such as the Small Business Act and the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act team up to create equal opportunities for small businesses to participate in federal procurement. The Federal Government is required to set at least 23% of all contracting dollars exclusively for small businesses.

The Federal Government purchases products and services from just about every industry you can think of. From space ship parts to staplers, the Government is constantly contracting businesses that are properly registered in the SAM database.

Winning a government contract can be very rewarding for any business, but it can also be very difficult if they don’t know where to start. Procurement officers are forced to spend the general taxpayers money wisely, so having all of the proper tools and materials for government marketing can be a significant advantage for a business looking to win contracts.

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What We Do

In order for a small business to win a government contract, they have to properly present themselves to procurement officers with the correction information. There are different channels to use when searching for an open government contract. From complex bidding procedures to a simple phone call, with the right knowledge and information, businesses can cut a lot of time out of their venture to winning contracts.

US Federal Contractor Registration supplies small businesses with the correct marketing procedures and materials used by Fortune 500 Companies who have successfully won government contracts. USFCR acts as a consultant or accountant who assists with the process of registering and marketing

US Federal Contractor Registration gives small businesses access to the same tools and strategies used by Fortune 500 companies contracting with the government.  Much like a Consultant or Accountant, US Federal Contractor Registration helps businesses and Non-Profits with the following:

  • Properly register a business in System for Award Management, including DUNS registration.
  • Migrate dated CCR and ORCA registrations to the new SAM system.
  • gov registration for Non-Profits and FEMA registration for For-Profit firms.
  • Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profile completion, daily bid notifications from, and marketing materials including federal procurement contacts.

After filling out our registration form, you will be contacted by a case manager to facilitate the System for Award Management process. They will contact you within two business days of the submission of your application. If you need a rush registration, please fill out the form and follow up with a phone call requesting a rush order.

Federal Procurement Data System

Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation

Track Government business opportunities in real time by clicking here. This site has a convenient dashboard to track contracts, trends and more.



The Whitehouse Office of Management and Budget lists all the legislation and reports having to do with grants and contracts.

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How is SAM Used?

The System for Award Management is used by all departments of the Federal Government and a registration is required by any business who will be receiving federal funds. Business will not be able to work with the Federal Government unless they are registered properly in SAM. The following entities are what a business needs to submit for their registration:

Business & TIN Information: The basic information of a company including the business start date, address, and SAM activation dates.

CAGE/NCAGE Code: The government’s Commercial And Government Entity code to identify a business which may be used for facility clearance or a pre-award survey.

General Information: This includes your profit structure, entity type, and your Doing Business As name if you are registering as a trade name. This also includes your points of contacts for government work.

Financial Information: Your business revenue and accounts where federal funds will be deposited.

Benefits of Being Registered

Once a business is properly registered in SAM and approved by the General Services Administration (GSA), they are given the ability to bid on and win available government contracts/awards. Requirements

  • DUNS Number with current & accurate Legal Name or DBA Name and Physical Address
  • Active Tax Identification Number (TIN) assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Active Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Checking Account/Necessary Banking Information
  • Deposit Funding Location
  • Point of Contact (POC) Representative from inquiring Business
  • Professional Business Email Address
  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE)(only applicable for non-US businesses)
  • Must have zero Delinquent Federal Debt in accordance with the United States Treasury
  • Brief understanding of the Federal Acquisitions Regulations

Renewal Process

The United States Government requires businesses to conduct a yearly SAM renewal and/or Semi-Annual renewal in order to update business information, Past Performance or any new additions to a business’s Entity Profile. Businesses that fail to conduct the yearly renewal are at risk of being denied federal contracts/awards. Businesses that fail to update necessary Entity Management Core Data will automatically be considered not compliant. US Federal Contractor Registration sends out SAM client renewal reminders to every Verified Vendor enrolled in their government registration program. It is recommended to renew the SAM registration 8 months in advance to ensure compliance and prevent possible lapse in Federal Payments.

Verified Vendor Seal

The Verified Vendor Seal will be awarded to business that are successfully registered with and have paid for the assistance of Case Manager by US Federal Contractor Registration to maintain the vendors registration. This seal shows purchasing offers yearlong compliance services are being maintained.

Non-compliant in SAM

According to the FAR Manual, any person who fails to file or amend a declaration required to be filed or amended under subsection (b) of this section shall be subject to a civil penalty of not less than $10,000 and not more than $100,000 for each such failure as stated in FAR 31 U.S.C. 1352-(C) (2).


Frequently Searched Federal Keywords

WOSB Registration – is a federal set-aside registration designed to authorize government-contracting officers to set aside certain requirements for competition solely amongst WOSBs or economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs).

VETBIZ Registration – is a federal set-aside registration that requires a business owner to prove ownership and control of a business as a Service-Disabled Veteran as well as establish guidelines for sole source and set-aside procurement opportunities.

HUBZone Registration – or Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) Empowering Contract Program was enacted into a law as part of the Small Business Reauthorization Act in 1997. This federal set-aside registration determines that your business is located in a HUBZone or distressed area your business will be provided with more federal contracting opportunities in an effort to increase profit flow to your region.

8a Program – is a federal set-aside created to help small disadvantaged businesses win federal government contracts. A business must be socially and economically disadvantaged in order to apply for this particular federal set-aside program.

Simplified Acquisition Package – applies to purchases over $3,000 and under $150,000.  If the purchases are under $150,000, they require less approval and less documentation involved in the federal purchase.

GSA Schedule – is one of the largest government procurement purchasing vehicles in government contracting, which accounts for 10% of all federal procurement in the United States.

GSAP – is a contracting program created by US Federal Contractor Registration, which provides valuable procurement outreach, small business simplified acquisition processing and the completion of a GSA schedule in one of the major 41 categories.

DAPA Registration – is an agreement between DLA Troop Support and the suppliers of the Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) Program.  Registering in DAPA will allow your goods and/or services to be used through the MSPV, which in turn is supplied to the DLA.

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Registration – is designed to send invoices and receive reports to and from government agencies. Registering for WAWF will speed up the process of being paid by the federal government once you have completed a contract. – is an informational website devoted to helping small businesses succeed in the federal marketplace. The website provides free informational packets, video tutorials and contracting news. is the #1 federal resource in government contracting.

Past Performance – is a business’s list of previously awarded contracts that showcases their government contracting experience.

Capability Statement – is a federally-formatted government resume that displays a business’s name, POC, description of goods and services, NAICS/PSC codes, federal set-asides and contact information.

FEMA Contracts – are government contracts that are awarded to businesses that aide with relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters.  These types of contracts can be awarded as ‘No Bid’ contracts in the case immediate assistance is required.

FedBizOpps (FBO) – is the single government point-of-entry for federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000.  Around a 1/3 of all government acquisitions are placed on FBO by contracting officers across the nation.

Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) – is a government database that is used by procurement officers to track down and locates properly registered government contractors that meet federal small business acquisition contracts.

Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) – is a database of all awarded contracts valued at $3000 and higher.  FPDS can help business owners scope out their competition and stay on top of market trends.

MPIN – is a personal code that allows you to access other government applications such as the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). Every SAM registrant is required to have one.

NATO Codification System (NCS) – is the codification system used by the armed forces in order to facilitate military Logistics operations across NATO.

Government Subcontracting – is a mandatory requirement for prime contractors that are awarded contracts for more than $650,000.  Prime contractors must utilize subcontractors to help facilitate large federal projects. – is a federal website for government agencies to post funding opportunities and for grantees to find and apply.